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A Dream Realized - Development through experience

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In August of 2014, Eric began painting 50 plein air watercolor paintings of California piers. The series was completed in 17 months, after traveling over 11,350 miles. The resulting 116-page book, (available thru blurb) The California Pier Series™, includes process tips along side his paintings that spanned a distance of 883 miles from North to South. Committed to using the same materials for each painting, Eric used watercolor blocks clamped to his art horse turned on end. The block’s paper required a time consuming taping off of the border, which upon removal, often ripped off some of the painting. Also disappointed by the failing of the integrity of the block, sometimes as early as the 7th page of the 20 page block, Eric dreamed of a single sheet option. Now instead of investing in a costly block of 20 sheets, a single sheet purchase yields two paintings with the LaMoitié™ and four with the LeQuart™ Plein Air Watercolor Frames.